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Healthcare Evacuation Training
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Healthcare Evacuation On-Site Training

What happens when a hospital or nursing home becomes victim to a natural disaster or man-made event and can no longer provide care to its patients? What happens when instead of supporting first responders during an emergency, the healthcare facility itself needs to be evacuated?

DQE On-Site Evacuation Training Offerings Include:

Healthcare evacuation is a multi-faceted process that involves more than simply moving evacuees from Point A to Point B. It requires coordination of evacuees, personnel, movement teams, and outside resources as well as the efficient use of evacuee assessment tools, documentation forms, and mobility equipment. A successful evacuation capability must be built upon an incident management foundation that is well understood and is easily scalable.

DQE helps hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare clinics and more build a strong foundation by offering a complete Evacuation Preparedness Program that includes comprehensive?evacuation training?and?evacuation planning, supported by an Evacuation Plan Assessment and the DQE What’s Next? Sustainment Program. With proper evacuation program development and implementation, chaos is minimized, normal operations resume sooner, the cost of the event is monitored, safety is maximized, and there is a more efficient use of personnel.