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Emergency Management Planning
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DQE Emergency Management Planning

Disaster planning is a daunting task for most hospitals to undertake. It is time-consuming and arduous to develop a comprehensive emergency management plan that is truly functional and regulatory compliant. Most hospitals recognize the need to update their plan as well as develop new event-specific plans, but don’t have the necessary internal expertise, resources, time or budget to devote to such a project. DQE is committed to changing that status quo by bringing comprehensive emergency management planning within reach to all hospitals through a time-proven system that combines proprietary planning tools and consultative expertise to create a functional, living document that enhances readiness.

DQE has nearly 25 years of experience in assisting healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. meet their emergency preparedness planning and training needs. Our client list of over 600 facilities includes; critical access, rural and community hospitals, trauma, military and academic centers, specialty hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, as well as coalitions, regional hospital planning groups and associations. At DQE, partnerships and long-term relationships are valued and how we provide our services is as important as the content we deliver.

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